Monday, October 11, 2004

Brave New World

It's neither obscure nor new, rather, it is a classic of a strange sort. I would not waste my time talking about something that everyone has already read, except that it appears that almost no one has read it.

Everyone, and I mean everyone read 1984 by George Orwell in school, which was a great piece to brainwash kids about the ills of Communism in an era in which it was very abusive and dangerous as a military enemy. Not nearly as many people are familiar with the book Brave New World, which is understandable due to the way in which sex is talked about in the book. It's a little closer to our society's methods than those of Huxley's world, where sex is primarily recreation instead of procreation. I don't really agree with this, and I don't think Huxley does either. Kids don't really need to read this, but if you're an adult, you can't really afford not to.

Brave New World is a story about a society that embraces free love, a drug that is both psychiatric and recreational with no side effects, and uses its technology to prevent people from aging. Sound good? It's not. The people are deprived of that which defines life, which is sadness, pain, anger, suffering, and with them joy, excitement, love, and all the other positive emotions that come as a result of having the negative ones. The sad thing is, our society is not too far from this one. Time and time again, I find myself responding to some lament someone has about society with "It's a Brave New World, bub." Orwell's book was okay, but not too telling of the future save for maybe the Patriot Act. Brave New World gives us all manner of insight into the positive reinforcement method for making everyone stupid and subservient. If you have any questions about its relevance, just look at the Hillary Duff phenomenon. Kids are being trained at a young age to think that bad is good. YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK OR YOU WILL BECOME LIKE ITS PEOPLE!

I'm not writing reviews here, just telling you what entertainment you need to waste your time on. I'm not too pleased with this one, but I'm devoted to putting something new up here every day. Soon enough, I might have a post up here that sufficiently describes the work. Until then, take my word for it.


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