Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Kasey Chambers

I'd recommend that discriminating listeners pick up a Kasey Chambers CD, and then allow yourself to spend some time wondering why I'm recommending it.

Quick lyric to hook your attention:

Hold my heart
In the palm of your hand
Don't listen to it breaking
Just listen to the bend
Take these tears
Wash your skin
I'm having trouble breathing
Since you walked in

(A Million Tears, from Barricades & Brickwalls)

I first took interest when I illegally downloaded Barricades and Brickwalls around five years ago. I proceeded to illegally download The Captain. She has a new CD out that I'm trying to scam off of eBay for less than half the retail value.

Kasey Chambers makes the sort of music that would be really potent if it was sung by the likes of Trisha Yearwood or some other country-pop hussy. These are rocking ballads and bluesy tunes that should cut you pretty deep. They make more sense to me than pretty much any other country music out there because they're about real things. Most country music today is the Nashville version of ho's, bling, and drugs. Kasey writes in the old style, which is nice.

Funny, though, her voice. She could almost pass for a 12-year old. But it's really great to hear someone with an innocent voice singing like she does, especially when she says I grabbed a glass and said, 'Kiss my ass, I'm gonna drink you out of my head.'" That's about as vulgar as she gets, and she's still able to give you real feelings, probably more real than those who get more vulgar. Give her a listen, if only for a couple of minutes. I think you'll smile.