Sunday, December 14, 2008

#97: Blade Runner (1982)

I own this movie and should really watch it again. I think I've seen it 3 times, but never the original version, only the Director's Cut and Final Cut. The crispness and color of the final cut is like watching Star Wars Special Edition, only without the director ruining it by adding in goofy CGI.

Harrison Ford, a really good actor back in the day as evidenced by his presence on at least 5 movies on the countdown, is a detective hunting down Replicants, which are man-made people. If you remember the Rob Zombie song More Human Than Human, well, that's the slogan of the company that creates Replicants.

Director Ridley Scott paints a dark and seedy futuristic landscape and ponders existence in what is essentially a huge "cult" film. This film gained such a following that its later cuts earned theatrical release, in part due to Ridley Scott's success with Gladiator and other movies. Anyway, watch this one, preferrably the final cut. There are great landscapes and interesting characters. It's a sci-fi dream. Please remember that it's from 1982 so don't gripe when some things are less fantastical than, say, The Matrix. It's good.


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