Friday, December 12, 2008

#99: Toy Story (1995)

WTF Toy Story?! Are you serious? I guess there's all this emphasis on cultural significance and changing styles, but Toy Story? It was the first fully computer animated movie, but who cares? I find the computer animated movies to be inferior to their hand-drawn animated counterparts. Everything is so crisp, so clean, so inauthentic.

Give me Jungle Book, An American Tail, Robin Hood, The Lion King, the list goes on. I don't even find it that compelling of a story. Some band of idiots got together sometime in the mid 90's and decided that all movies have to include actual kids, like myth and fantasy can't exist without an "entry point" for children. Suffice to say, the goofy little stories they come up with for these computer animated films generally suck, and the humor "for adults" that they throw in is generally terrible by adult humor standards.

Toy Story was okay at best. Disney killed traditional animation after The Lion King with a string of terrible movies in order to usher in this new era, and we celebrate this by putting the first one of these silly little stories on the TOP 100 OF ALL TIME? In 10 years, it should be off the list. Good night.


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