Monday, January 05, 2009

#92: Goodfellas (1990, Scorsese)

Alright I do like Scorsese I really love The Departed and Taxi Driver and Gangs of NY and really need to see other things like Raging Bull which is way higher on this list but I just couldn't figure out what the huge massive deal with this movie was like maybe I need to watch it again or something but perhaps it's just because I watched this pretty much right after watching The Godfather and come on there's just no comparison with that and the thing that irked me the most was when they did one scene ONE that had Ray Liotta's wife narrating after he'd been narrating a whole heckuva lot and it just didn't go anywhere with her after that and what's the point of that female narration it just struck me the wrong way now don't get me wrong it's a decent flick with a lot of classic moments but does it only have this sort of notoriety because it's a mob movie that brought us back from the mob movie disaster that was Godfather III and made us believe again?

It's a lot easier to be disappointed in the selections for movies of my lifetime than it is for earlier eras, where I have to take someone's word for it because I just haven't seen enough of those movies and probably never will. Good night.


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