Friday, February 13, 2009

#83: Titanic (Cameron)

This movie won 11 Oscars, mostly for being the most popular movie of all-time among lonely women. The lines are a bit forced at times, which is usually a sign that they're not well-written, The dialogue reminds me of some of Star Wars: Episode I, which bothered me even as I refused to dislike the movie. My co-watcher, a certified Titanic fanatic, was also bothered by the fact that people generally weren't talking like they were actually from that time period.

I like Bill Paxton and am glad he was in there as the salvage man. Seems like a small role for him, but he wasn't that big yet. I had never seen this movie before, but understand why I didn't like Leo DiCaprio back when the movie came out. He wasn't as good of an actor, just popular with the ladies because his character fulfilled their fantasies.

I know I'm more critical of contemporary movies because there's so much great stuff that I've seen that's complex, while it would appear that the movies the AFI chooses are more simplistic and base. This is a good disaster flick with excellent special effects, but like their glorification of Citizen Kane, I think the AFI worships style over substance a little too much, and that style is often the overwrought Big Hollywood Style instead of small art style. Oh well, maybe I'll take all the movies I've seen and make my own list when I'm done.


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